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  1. Sometimes I ask myself why I am Still using Evernote? I am a Lawyer. I was crazy about Evernote for the last 8 years. But need a more powerful note-taking apps . But I'm still using Evernote. Then I rethink about Evernote. Then I found so may ways lawyers can use Evernote. So, I made a blog about it. Here is the article about Evernote for lawyers.
  2. Evernote is one of the best note-taking app for lawyers, attorneys, advocates around the world. I am an Advocate before the honorable supreme court of Bangladesh. I took a lot of notes in evernote. But, I found that evernote template uploading and importing system is not good. For this reason I use Google keep to teke my notes on the go. I use Evernote for long notes and important notes. I wrote about these limitations of Evernote ''evernote vs google keep'' in my blog post.
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