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  1. Yes - that works - ie to link your Evernote URI to Zotero. Sometimes people want to be able to link in the other direction - ie put a link to your Zotero URI into an Evernote note. That way - you can click the evernote note, and it will take you to the online version of the zotero reference. While this isn't perfect integration, it will help people who want to use Zotero as a reference manager, and Evernote for taking notes/writing. To do this - you would: Install the Zutilo add on to Zotero (Desktop) Once it's installed - in Zotero - go to 'Tools > Zutilo Preferences' Then select 'Copy Zotero URIs > Zotero Context Menu' (see screenshot below) Then - In Zotero - when you are on the reference you want - right click it, and select the option 'Copy Zotero URIs' (See screenshot below) Then - In Evernote - you can paste the URI into your Evernote document - and when clicked, it will take you to the online version of your Zotero reference (see screenshot below) Step 3 Screen shot: Step 4 Screenshot: Step 5 Screenshot:
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