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  1. Looks like Sentinote is now free, but that also means it may no longer be updated as the developer (who was posting in this thread earlier) has taken on a job where he can no longer maintain it. That plugin looks perfect for my needs, but if not developed I'm hesitant to dive into it. Would have paid for it. It came and went before I even knew about it!
  2. Man finding lots of alternatives here, great stuff. Can you tell us if EATags updates posts if you edit them in Evernote? That's something I'd really like to see. One of the above services does this (I forget which). Thanks!
  3. The blogwith.co service mentioned by amik0 is the service that works the most as one would expect. It allows editing of posts. It's like Postach.io, but using WordPress as the blog engine. I've not had a chance to use it much beyond a few tests so I can't vouch for it.
  4. Had not heard of this, just about perfect! Would like to see a way to save drafts, but this is the right path for the implementation we are all looking for.
  5. Just stumbled across this service Zapier, which indeed has an Evernote to WordPress function. Haven't tried it: https://zapier.com/zapbook/evernote/wordpress/18934/evernote-new-note-to-wordpress-create-post/ If you use this link, we both get extra "zaps": http://zpr.io/6ceZ
  6. I really like what Postach.io is doing, but I already have an extensive blog on WordPress, and WP offers an easier out of the box experience. I'd love to see the Postaschio devs work up a tool that hooked EV into WP and other established platforms. I'd pay for that. Postaschio works perfectly. I just don't want yet Another Blog, and to have it on a service that may not stand the test of time. Seems more ideal to hook into the major players instead of trying to establish a whole new platform. But maybe they tried. Maybe there is more to it than we realize. The only other workaround I see is to email your posts to WP, and CC the EV email import address. But is really prefer to have the post in one main place (EV), and have the blog hooked into it so updates and revisions are synced.
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