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  1. I have a notebook called Recipes that I use on an ipad. I’d like to open Evernote directly to a Recipes search. Is it possible to create an iOS Shortcut for that? Also, is there a way to create an iOS Shortcut to a specific notebook, just to view and browse without creating a note?
  2. Thank you for the solution. I'm relieved to rediscover the notebooks I thought I had lost. Re. "You don't need a warning, there are release notes": I don't have time to read the release notes of all the apps I use, and I doubt most other people do either. Evernote is not the center of my universe. I work for a software company. We never do anything that would affect customers' data without sending them other special communications in addition to release notes, for exactly this reason.
  3. I just discovered my two local and VERY CRUCIAL notebooks are missing. I'm not sure when I "upgraded" to the Evernote version that doesn't include local notebooks. Can someone point me to instructions for recovering them?? What kind of software company disappears your data like this??? If I had realized what was going to happen to those notebooks, it would have been simple to move the notes.
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