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  1. Yes, it is clearly and distinctly labelled as "Evernote Legacy" instead of "Evernote". Oh, and the icon for Evernote Legacy is grey in colour instead of green.
  2. Yes, I definitely agree that the older version is so much better. It is true that the new version Evernote v10 looks good (aesthetically-wised), but I find it not functional at all. Still wondering why they want to update an already-perfect version...Sincerely hope that they will revert it back somehow. I guess I will using the Evernote Legacy instead😩😩😩
  3. Hello, for the longest time, I have been using Evernote and have loved it...until the latest update. I have read that the latest Evernote v10 had removed the local notebook feature. I was so devastated to find out. Luckily for me, I downloaded the Evernote Legacy and realised that I am still able to make local notebook even after I have reached my monthly upload limit. I definitely prefer the older version of Evernote now. I probably will continue to use it, but I am afraid that they will suddenly shut down the Evernote Legacy (which may result me losing all my local notes). Anyone know if they will provide an announcement message when they decide to close down Evernote Legacy? P.S. How I wished that they didn't take down the local notebook feature in v10.
  4. @Shane D. Hi Shane, Hope this message finds you well. After reading the replies above, I have tried downloading Evernote Legacy. Good news is, I found my notes. However, I could not seem to sync those notes to the new Evernote. I tried exporting the notes and import to the new Evernote, but it gave an error. Hope that you will be able to help me, thanks.
  5. Hello, I am encountering the same issues too! I lost all my university notes after the recent update and was so devastated that I couldn't find it anywhere (my notes also stop syncing for a very long time). I tried searching in the trash but there's none. I tried logging into the Evernote Web too, but the website seems to have a problem. After logging in, they only showed me a blank page. 'm so lost right now... I really need help as those notes are important to me.
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