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  1. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with Evernote I was 'downgraded' to 'Free' and was then able to upgrade to 'Personal'. Evernote Billing then refunded the balance of my previous subscription. All worked out in the end but it does seem that there is a problem with therr process whereby you are not able to upgrade from one of the older plans to a new one. Apparently the problem was with the way that I paid (annual recurring PayPal)!! Can't think that is breaking new ground.
  2. I tried to upgrade from Plus to Personal via the Windows app (which opens a web page for the transaction) this afternoon and got all the way through to confirming the PayPal recurring annual subscription and was then sent back to a blank Evernote web page. The subscription has not registered on PayPal and I am still being prompted to upgrade but trying again takes me straight to the blank Evernote web page so something has happened just not sure what. Reading the other comments it appears to be a general problem with the upgrade process. I have raised a support ticket.
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