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  1. The update 8.0 works on iPad Air 2/iOS 10.2 and iPhone 4S/iOS 9.3.5, but doesnot work on iPad 2/iOS 9.3.5 (crash)
  2. It works on iPad Air 2/ iOS 10.2 and iPhone 4S/ iOS 9.3.5 It diesmot work on iPad 2/ iOS 9.3.5
  3. Da bis heute keine email gekommen ist, habe ich soeben auf Anraten von Herrn Schoffler (email support) "erneut" gekauft. Nun hat alles funktioniert ich habe nun bis einschlie
  4. WOW, danke vielmals ... dann kann ich meine dingende Planung weiter machen! Bis morgen! Liebe Gr
  5. Sorry, I do not understand exactly, what you mean - I am german speaking!!!! I have only this one account. I have no receipt of thee payment since yesterday evening. If I try now again to pay for the upgrade I get this message "You have still payed - or do you want to prolong? ... cancel or pay (again????) Kind regards Moni
  6. Hello! I am waiting now for EN umgrade to premium for more than 24 hours, is this OK or something wrong? Kind regards and thank you for an information. Moni
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