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  1. I'm so confused. I use my Evernote on a laptop and on my Android phone. I've been using since 2013 and have approximately 1,500 notes. Prior to the update , my phone always showed reminders by upcoming due date, it was perfect ! Now the options are not helpful at all - note created and note updated. Also, if I have 30 reminders for a day, maybe only 5 pop up and I'm not able to click on reminder and go directly to that note anymore. Is it a compatibility issue or something else? again, prior to 2 weeks ago, the app worked PERFECTLY for me Please advise, thank you. Kim
  2. I'm having the same issue, Evernote is my life (pathetic, I know), it's useless to me if I can't sort by reminder. Also, after the update, only a small fraction of reminders pop up in notifications AND when I click on it, it doesn't go to the reminder note for me to read or edit .... 🥺
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