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  1. I totally agree. I'm using only Evernote Legacy for Windows OS because it's so much faster, minimalistic, better constructed and more customizable. To be short, the "New Evernote" is: super slow; super bugged; super dumb; and less customizable. For instance: It takes too long to load not only it's main window, but also notes on new windows; It inadvertently ads line breaks when I copy and paste something inside a source-code box; When we click the tray icon it opens a "new note" window instead of opening the main window (it could, at least, have an option to change this behaviour, but it doesn't); It doesn't even have a damn "Settings" window! So we can't change pretty much anything (even things that we could before), like: (i) the tray icon click behaviour that I mentioned; (ii) the default font style (I prefer "Sagoe", which was used on the old version, but the new version automatically set it to "Sans Serif", and we can't change it); (iii) the spelling languages (in the old version we could add as many languages as we wanted). The only downside of the legacy version is that it doesn't have the "dark mode". So, in my opinion, if the Legacy Evernote had the "dark mode" implemented, it would become the definitive Evernote version.
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