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  1. Please save our eyes. You can use this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/@media/prefers-color-scheme
  2. After installing official browser extension I feel that my browser works slower, so yeah - I want bookmarklet too. Usually I copy/paste.
  3. https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/background_pages I can not find working bookmarklet about adding to Evernote...
  4. You can try this browser extension https://intelligent-speaker.com
  5. Only creating the screenshots of the desktop - offline and all other things are possible in the browser, look at Google Drive. Truly, editor of the Mac client and presentation mode written in Javascript.
  6. Thank you for your effort, but much better for the community would be to contribute to the Nixnote. If you think that you can make a better software - I hope that you can improve Nixnote. I do not see a big reason for a new project that looks very similar.
  7. Chrome extension can be available for every tab - with "persistent": false all this js will be injected only when user pushed the button - for saving of browser speed and battery.
  8. I found that on every computer - Mac or Gnu/Linux - after installing of Evernote Clipper - browser lost some speed of loading of every page. And I found why - and I think that this is incorrect design of software - in the source code of Clipper I found that your extension (that I love to use - like Evernote at all) inject HUJE portion of js into memory - even when user does not use extension now: Quote from official documentation about developing of extensions for Chrome: Caution: Consider using event pages instead that persistent false.
  9. Optional dark theme is a popular feature request - why you still do not implement this?
  10. I feel that performance of Chrome decreased after installing and log-in to Clipper. Also look at attached screenshot - all your js must be in one file for logical encapsulation and performance.
  11. Guys, implementing shortcuts it is just a few lines of js, what the problem...
  12. @Eph Zero what the name of this note app? Can we use it on desktop Ubuntu?
  13. I think that Evernote Web Beta have potential to lose weight and load & work much faster For example, why you not compress & minify js? And so many script files - maybe will be better to combine this 63 (!!!) js-files into few?..
  14. Google Keep have offline mode - technically this is possible to make Evernote chrome app that can work offline, maybe not for all 1000000 of notes, but few hundreds of last + think about Chrome OS + speed of loading.
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