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  1. I cannot see 'upgrade table' option in 'Tables', it only has Insert..., Delete... options. anyway i already dragged them to the correct format. thanks for answering my question
  2. I don't know what's going on. I believe I lost all customized table format with this version. Is that recoverable?
  3. I can confirm the problem. So far, this is the most annoying problem for me since I paste a lot of images. I am looking for any 3rd party solution to automatically resizing pasted images correctly.
  4. Evernote Version 6.11 Beta 1 (454563 Direct) Mac Terminal Version 2.6.1 (361.1) In terminal, use vim to edit a shell file (extension as .sh) ,the content is var1=textfile.txt var2="textfile".txt var3=testfile_"$id".txt select all lines, copy and paste to evernote: the result is as follows with arbitrary line breaks var1 =textfile.txt var2="textfile" .txt var3=testfile_"$id".txt The problem may be related to the color from Terminal/Vim. What's even more annoying is that even if I correct them by removing linebreaks in eernote, the linebreaks will show up again when I re-open evernote next time. -- I don't need any new features. I just want to type and paste.
  5. I don't need any new features. I just want to type and paste. I am a user from 2008. Originally I need another feature, search. But I already gave up on that. Hope evernote does not break writing/pasting experience further. The latest beta version still has the problem that pasted image is larger (maybe doubled) than the original size. Every time when I copy and paste an image to evernote, I have to adjust the size manually. It has been like this for months.
  6. When pasting an image from clipboard, the image size does not stretch to fit the window width anymore. That bug is fixed. But the size is still not right. It is the double size of original image on browser. Is that related to retina display somehow?
  7. I also have "large image paste" problem since some version. very annoying if you have habit to paste screen shot very often. thanks!
  8. I copied some json string from Iterm2, Android Studio, and paste to evernote. From time to time, it just cannot be pasted. But I can paste it to other editors.
  9. Cannot paste some json string. I am really frustrated to report editing bugs for all your new releases. You guys really don't understand what's your core value to your customers.
  10. Two bugs still there: paste may lose indent and space. CMD-Z undo sometime does not work.
  11. The source is iTerm2. OS is Yosemite 10.10.2. I often copy code segment from iTerms. It started to happend after I upgrading to 6.0.7. Now all my paste lose space format.
  12. When I paste texts, the format is changed. Specifically, space characters are merged. For example, if I paste 'a b c', it shows up as 'a b c' with single space in between.
  13. I just upgraded to Evernote Version 6.0 (451092 App Store). I opened a note (14,917 words, 104,054 chars). Activity montior showed that the memory used by evernote was 133.5MB. Then I appended 10 empty lines at the end of the note. Memory usage went up to 200MB. Then I pressed RETURN 10 times. The memory went up to 260MB. I kept pressing RETURN. The memory went up linearly and quickly to 400MB I deleted these empty lines. The memory kept increasing. BTW, it is very slow to press keys.
  14. I found I accidentally overwrite a note by paste. The note is very important for me. I want to recover the history. However I am not a premium customer now. If I upgrade now, can I see previous history? Thanks!
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