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  1. I'ver reverted to legacy, but the iPhone version updated automatically and that's a big issue since you can not revert back and they seem to ignore pleas to release the Legacy App as a second version on the App Store. I've also experienced notes and photos just completely disappearing when added from my iPhone. I'm shopping for a different app now since they just don't seem to get it.
  2. I'm not a coder, plus your suggestion to pay $36 for Maestro just to get the shortcuts that already worked in Legacy does not work for me at all. All over this forum I'm seeing reasonable people bringing up very reasonable issues with the new version of Evernote. To me, it looks like the staff at Evernote could not give a da**.
  3. I also lost critical data that will cost me about one day to reconstruct. It included text notes and some photographs ... all sort of there for a short time, then just lost. Gone. I only pay then $40 per year, so I'm not important enough of a person to speak with customer support. ***** that... I rolled back to Legacy for Mac, but unable to do it on my iPhone. They need to release the previous Legacy version for iOS as a separate application with a disclaimer they will not be adding new features. They also need to give current paid customers access to that application for free. This has been a disaster for me, and is pretty much killing my workflow.
  4. Bumping this request. This is functionality they just took away. Most likely because they "think" nobody is using it. I use it literally every day, multiple times a day. This is one of the reasons I'm still on legacy. Bring this back!
  5. The new search function is terrible. Click the search icon Enter your terms Click on the result OR hit enter to show all results Click on the note on the left to see the full note on the right To revert back to the normal view... Click on search icon Click X to clear results Previous Version Click once in search notes box Enter your search terms - AJAX (not sure if that is what it really is) automatically narrows your results. For me, the notes that meet the search show up in the left panel Click on the note on the left to see the full note with terms highlighted To revert back to normal view... simply click the X in the search bar So you've added two steps to the process above. That might not sound like much, but it results in me sticking with Legacy. There is plenty of room at the top right of the Mac application (near the only you and share button) to add the search field back like it was in Legacy.
  6. The search function just plain sucks compared to the previous version. I reverted back to Legacy for now, but I've got to figure out how to revert back to Legacy on my iPhone.
  7. Why is this marked solved? I'm LOOSING information that I capture on my phone and then it just NEVER shows up on the web or desktop versions. Does anyone have a suggestion for an app that just works? They destroyed this application in the most recent revamp. What's worse? They don't seem to realize or care they destroyed it.
  8. Yes, it works. I was confused between checkbox and checklists. Customizable toolbar? Yes please!
  9. Thank you. [] and the other keyboard shortcut is helpful. Sorry, I was referring to checklists, not checkboxes. I use checklists. Only one click depending on the screen size. I'm running Evernote on a parallel monitor to the left of my main monitor. In short, I can't quite get the window wide enough to see the checklist option with the new version. I realize this is an individual issue for me due to screen size limits.
  10. There are two thing I like about the new version of Evernote. It embeds YouTube videos and I have a faster way to select the color of selected text. That's it. Search With the old search, I could start typing immediately into the "Search notes" box at the top right of the app. In an Ajax sort of way, the results would clearly be shown, and the list of notes would be narrowed to only those with the term(s). No such feature on the new version. Have to type out the term and hit enter to see the results. We also got some suggestions ... "Found notes with" .... with links to additional terms including that word. The results between the two are different for some reason. To clear the search requires two clicks now. Click the search icon and then the X. The old version, just click the X and it wipes out the results and you're back to normal view. The changes to the application in v10 absolutely slowed me down. Adding Date to Title I was previously able to do Shift/Command/D to quickly add today's date to the Title of the note. No more. Same with Time. Again, slowing me down. Adding the Time to a Note Previously, when I added a time to a note - Shift/Command/Option/D - it always added a space after the time. No more. I need that space back please. Again, slowing me down. Checkboxes I use checkboxes on a daily basis to keep track of some quick tasks I need to work through and ensure they are done by the end of the day. They change each day and are added/completed as the day moves along. Previous version required one click to create a checkbox, then I could enter the task, hit enter and an additional checkbox was created. That feature still remains, but you need two clicks to do it. Using the Insert > Checkbox feature also takes two clicks, but when hitting enter after the item, the system does not create another checkbox. Again, slowing me down. For now, I've downloaded the Legacy version and I'll use that for the time being until you can at least get the above items changed so it does not take me longer to complete tasks and work in the Evernote environment.
  11. Shift/Command/D works to add today's date in the body of the not, but we lost the functionality to add in the title of the note. Same with Shift/Option/Command/D for the time. I use that every day as I create a note based on each day of the week. Update was pushed to me overnight, and it's the first thing I noticed.
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