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  1. Tried the above last week, problem went away until today... and now back... definitely it remains a bug in the current version (10.76-mac). This time at least it was fixed by a simple close and reopen of Evernote, but the annoyance remains.
  2. Thanks for this @lenny3200, I've given it a shot and it did at least open correctly the first time. Hopefully the fix sticks. Thanks for taking the time to post back for everyone else's benefit.
  3. I just looked through the posts thus far and the vast majority of those citing the issue here come from paid subscribers... It definitely doesn't feel like a priority looking at the small number of staff replies and delays in fixing the issue.
  4. I can't believe how long this has going on. I'm on 10.6.9 on Mac Catalina, and my notes open blank, and even after restarting Evernote, they remain blank. I've had to install a legacy version to use the app. What a pain. I'm a long-time paid subscriber who gets OneNote free from my employer... like the poster above me said, it's looking pretty good right now.
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