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  1. Currently it seems if I set a notebook to sort based on the note name that's the sort order for all my notebooks. I would really like if some netbooks could be sorted by name and others by date created, and others by date updated. Would really like this setting to be notebook specific rather than application wide. Thanks.
  2. A number of applications have a feedback option available in the application menu. It would be great if Evernote had this as well.
  3. Really pleased if shortcuts have had a stake put through them. Not clear where to report issues. Most apps from a feedback link within it, but I'm not seeing anything like that. Thanks.
  4. I type phyx or idustrial and they get auto fixed. That's fine. I undo, press the spacebar, and THEY GET FIXED AGAIN, or the undo removes the whole word. How stupid is that? I am undoing the last typed thing, the autocorrect. Put it back the way it was. These are the names of companies. I didn't pick them, but I have to type them. Type phyx and you get phyla. Try undoing it. Type idustrial and undo it. It either removes the word or removes part of the word or keeps putting industrial. Most systems when you type a word and it autocorrects, and you undo, simply puts the correction back to the way it was and marks the word as incorrect and lets me move on. Evernote is one of the few systems that behaves badly with this. Really annoying.
  5. Love the new look, but the app is very broken. Often only see a few notes and scroll through what appears to be a blank column. Or will click a note and another note opens. Or the newest note, which should be at the top, isn't. It's generally in a very early beta state.
  6. Thanks. There was nothing in the trash. I tried reinstalled but it didn't change. The content syncs correctly to the Evernote server from the iPhone and can be seen on the phone and the Evernote web site. It just doesn't sync to or from the Mac.
  7. Thanks gazumped. I'm a premium Mac and iOS user. What would I have to do?
  8. I have two computers that are both connected to the same network with two separate Evernote accounts. One computer syncs correctly, the other gets a synchronization failure, cannot connect the the Evernote Server. The computer with the problem can access web pages and send and receive email. Tried rebooting. Tried logging out and logging back in. I can create a new notebook on the iPhone, sync, and see the notebook in Evernote on the web, but that computer will not allow syncing using the Evernote app. Anybody seen this problem and know what causes it and what might be a solution. Thanks very much.
  9. If I have a number of documents, same 300 RTFs and PDFs, is it possible to somehow import these and have them come in each as a separate note? Thanks very much.
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