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  1. 1. There are a lot of 1 star reviews. 2. It impacts the company because they can see complaints and do nothing to fix them. People will not use this app if there are other better options out there. 3. Evernote is a business that will be gone in a few years if they do not improve.
  2. Are you naive enough that you think you are anonymous on the interwebs?
  3. Suck less! Read the 1 star reviews and fix stuff! Be relevant!
  4. Can I criticize network tv if I don't pay for it? Can I criticize Facebook if I don't pay for it? Can I criticize Google if I don't pay for it? Can I criticize a single app on my phone if I don't pay for them? There is no way to provide feedback about the app being reduced to 2 devices. I am sure that an employee will read this and see at least one users dissatisfaction with their decision. Or maybe they can read the 1 star ratings. Do I need to pay for apps in onder to write a review on play Store?
  5. You all seem to be happy that people are leaving because Evernote sucks. "Departure Announcements"? Really? You have this crappy app/website and don't like it when people don't like it and leave. Maybe if you made it not suck, people would stay here. I have used Evernote for probably close to 10 years. It was an adequate note taking app, and it is too bad that you are making things worse. A lot of others are leaving too. Read the 1 star ratings. What a miserable group of people.
  6. Just today, there have been 14 1 star reviews on Google Play Store. You should really read them. Do you work at Evernote? If you do, you are going to be out of a job soon. You should go work at Google. If you don't, you are wasting your time "helping" people on a worthless platform. Do you pay for email? CalS says he does. Seems pretty dumb, just like paying for Evernote.
  7. You all should read some of the 1 star ratings on the play store. There are a lot of them.
  8. I am amazed at the whinyness of all you you Lvl 5 people. It's comical. A bunch of children with something they know sucks and trying to defend it.
  9. Not a troll, just offering some constructive criticism on how to not have people leave your platform. It is going to fail if you continue to make it suck more.
  10. Apple email is free. Google Keep is also free. You should use it instead of Evernote.
  11. You make poor time management decisions if you have anything to do with Evernote. Billions of people use email that they to not pay for. Use Google to find out how many. Google is free. It's great. You should use it to search for things and buy Google stock too.
  12. The rest of the world pays $0. You do not make good financial decisions.
  13. This company will never make money.
  14. How much do you pay for your email?
  15. I would think a company would appreciate the feedback and realize that they made a mistake.
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