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  1. I'm actually experimenting with Microsoft OneNote right now... I will try to get a refund myself. It's just unstable for me. It works well for 5 hours or 1 day. Then all of a sudden, a note is no longer editable and I have to restart Evernote.
  2. I opened a ticket and just got a list of things to try. It's not a fix. It's probably just a template they use for any support ticket. They should know about this issue on this forum. Maybe tell them to come look at the pile of posts here?
  3. Like Matt, I'm also a software engineer. Something is not quite right with the QA process for this to be shipped out. There's no communication from any higher ups on some time estimates on this issue. You have to manage the users' expectations appropriately. Someone at Evernote needs to escalate this issue up the food chain.
  4. The issue did reappear for me, but it took over a day. Sorry for recommending the fix that Evernote sent me 😭 .
  5. These instructions are only for a Mac.... I used Evernote with their fix for 30 minutes and did not see the issue again. Note, that this suggestion will remove some of your preferences. For example, the Note List View will revert to their default cards view, etc. You know things are working well when you see a login screen when you open Evernote back up.
  6. I finally got a response about my support ticket. I'm trying to see if their suggestion fixes it..I'll report back later.
  7. I even filed a support ticket for this a few days ago.. No response yet. I may have to look for an alternative product soon.
  8. This stuff should've been released as a public beta with user feedback collected/analyzed first.
  9. The mac app is unusable for me... I have to let it reload and sometimes actually quit the application.
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