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  1. I am also suffering from this problem, glad to see that I am not alone... Using EN 6.6 on Macbook Air 10.10.2. EN is frequently consuming 100% or more of my CPU according to my Activity Monitor I don't know if I am using the direct download version or the Apple App store version , how do I find out? And why on earth should they be different versions? Henrik Ahlen, Stockholm
  2. Ahhh, super thanks, you solved my problem! The default keyboard shortcut is ctrl-cmd-E on the Mac
  3. I use the search field all the time to search for a text inside a note I am looking for. But the search field only searches for text in the selected tag and notebook. But 99 times out of 100 I search for something I get zero results, since the note I am looking for has a different tag than I have currently selected, or it is ina different notebook. So I want a Search field setting " Always search across all notebooks and tags" Is there a way to do this?
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