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  1. Seems to be broken again in OS 11.1 Big Sur and Evernote 10.6.9. Tried the Symlink trick to no avail... must be the way Big Sur is put together :sigh:
  2. Deleting the app and reinstalling seemed to fix things for me.
  3. Scratch that. I can’t even sign out. Sits there a while... then crashes. Friends, been with Evernote a long time, and love it, but this is the most bug-filled release ever.
  4. Wow guys sooo many bugs still... totally aware of how software development works but this isn’t going well for me on iOS. - repeated crashes when selecting a shortcut notebook - blank screen when tapping on any note Can’t even test the most annoying bug before was a sudden crash when I was midway reading a pdf. It’s completely unusable for me. going to try the logout/re-sync. Which is a problem with 6k notes.
  5. OK so I think I remember what I did now. I went into the container that contains the Evernote database (named www.evernote.com ). I made an alias of it and then moved the original into my documents folder. Bingo - pdf's saved directly again. I did just try this in Big Sur though but no luck. Maybe the sandboxing system has changed? Beyond my paygrade.
  6. I recall there was a fix to this that I did before that had something to do with where the note database was stored and the new OSX file structure. I remember I created an alias of the database and then moved it to another place on my hard drive. This re-enabled the editing and direct saving of a PDF. Anyone familiar with this fix, and whether it is is even possible on Big Sur? I wish I had written it down...
  7. YES! It’s been driving me crazy. Ever since they introduced templates. Seems to hang before the template button appears. I don’t want or need this feature. Anyway I can turn it off? I have to force quit the app and reload. So frustrating,
  8. This is a genius solution! I am so happy to have found this fix. Was driving my crazy.
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