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  1. @jujuberry136 Thank you for starting this thread. It has been incredibly informational. I had assumed it was a Mac OS issue being that I received an error when trying to access our account via web login using the iPad Safari browser. For any users on the iPad that do not have the budget to upgrade each device, I was able to access Evernote through the web login using a different browser. There are several to try. We use Puffin.
  2. I am experiencing the same issue as jujuberry136. We have multiple iPads that we use Evernote with. First reported problem was 12/12/2020. Users can login on any device (Windows PC/Android/iPhone) without error. But the iPads continuously prompt back a 'sign in error'. This occurs on the iPad even when trying to access the web sign in using Safari. Our organization has reached out to Evernote support but no word as of yet.
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