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  1. Hi @CLO1369 - it sounds like the error you were encountering was perhaps a bit bit different from the one this thread was originally created for. Many of us were on devices that couldn't support the latest iOS (e.g. pre iOS 14) which means that EN v10 wouldn't run. It sounds like your error, which was resolved via VPN, was a password error with v10. But good to know that the VPN solution recommended could be a word around for other issues! I heard from EN Support that they had pushed a backend improvement a couple days, which may be why we were able to regain access on older machines.
  2. @BruceD and @Cutling - have you tried logging in today? I was having a log-in error on an older ipad from about mid-December until now and suddenly I was able to log-in again today.
  3. @qveenissac - I can confirm it worked on my device as well!! HOORAY! It took a bit to log-in and then the app re-loaded all of my notes so booting it up took a couple minutes, but they are all there and I CAN ACCESS THEM! No more log-in error, yippee! @banduzoxx and @Wildlife Academy - have you guys tried logging in recently? I turned my ipad off and on before re-launching the app to test if it was working for me if that helps at all.
  4. @PinkElephant I think what most people on this thread are encountering is that they are on iPhones/iPads/other older iOS devices that cannot upgrade to the most current iOS required by EN v10. As you point out, in that case if you uninstall EN and try to re-install, you are prompted to install EN 8.24. However, what our various interactions with customer service seems to be indicating is that EN 8.24 will not actually work and if you download that version of the app as prompted by the App Store, you cannot login with your credentials (you get "Error Error Sign In"). I had assumed there was some sort of bug, but it's looking like this may have been instituted by EN given their final migration of EN v10 on iOS over the fall and winter. It is unclear to me from the "State of the Product" blog post if EN v10 is going to be made further backwards compatible for older devices or if they are instituting a hard cut-off from legacy OS. It would be handy to know prior to paying for Premium or Plus membership going forward if I can actually use their product on my current devices or if I should downgrade my account. Would have also been nice for them to make some sort of announcement that if users are using older devices their EN app will no longer function as of ~Dec 10, 2020. @ThereseP have you asked for your money back? Seems silly to pay for a service if you can't actually use it.
  5. @Tugu - if you are on an older iPhone/iOS (pre-iOS 13.3) with the error message "Error Error Login" you may find this thread helpful https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132187-issue-logging-in-across-evernote-versions-cant-log-in-to-ipad-8246-but-credentials-work-fine-for-iphone-102-and-mac-104/
  6. @ThereseP - thanks for sharing the info from Evernote. That is... not ideal, but helpful information. I'm unclear how this jives with what the CEO said in the Dec 10 "State of the Product" statement. I had originally thought that they meant "legacy app" for iOS systems, but reading again today shows that legacy was only meant to be Mac an Windows; however, since older Android phones are still being allowed to use the legacy app - I guess I had assumed they hadn't completely cut off the older iOS apps as well? Apparently a bad assumption on my part and VERY bad communication from Evernote. No response yet to my new ticket, but I'll see if I get a similar response as you did.
  7. @Craybott - I did end up downloading a VPN and trying to access that way. Same error message. @banduzoxx - yeah, i'm not sure why the VPN was suggested as I'm able to log-in with no issues on a newer iPhone and Mac application without the error, which is on the same wifi network. Following back up with IT Support. @qveenissac - anything new on your request? @Ascot - any response back to your ticket? I ended up having to reply back to their email to try to get this raised to someone who might be able to help.
  8. Update from Tech Support: Per an email this morning, they claim that my account is being blocked by Evernote security measures and recommend the use of a VPN to log in. Has anyone also facing this issue tried using a VPN to log-in? Just looking for others experience before going down too far this path myself.
  9. @PinkElephant if Evernote has made a change to no longer support sign-in via the older apps (v8.26) it would be beneficial to have well known by the user community and the App store. Speaking for myself at least, because I have other apps (e.g. Netflix) that allow me to run them on newer operating systems (e.g. iOS 14 on my phone) and older (e.g. iOS 12.4 on my iPad) I would expect a stronger error message beyond "Error Error Sign-In" if the issue is that Evernote has disabled log-in via legacy app - especially given the way Evernote v10 was rolling out in the Fall. Because I can still download the older version of the app via the Apple App store, my assumption has been that it's still usable - even if features are no longer being added. I'm not expecting to see patches or update to the older version - just the ability to log-in the way I was before December 10.
  10. @qveenissac - thanks for thread wrangling! Supposed Customer Service was supposed to have resolved the bug by today, but no change on my end. I'm following up with another email and pointing them to these threads as well. Any news from your engagement? Per your question: My issue continues to be with the iPad running iOS 12 (cannot support iOS 13). My iPhone (running 14.3) is still able to log-in to the app without error.
  11. Slight update - I entered this a bug through the evernote support system (again - but this time with screenshot of the error). Supposedly may see some response in ~48 hours, but it may be useful if folks like @Ascot and @Wildlife Academy who also have premium and plus accounts to enter a bug report into the system. If more of us report this, we may see some sort of actual fix implemented (or at least explained).
  12. Not yet. But I also haven't tried updating passwords yet. It does seem like there are several of us here with this issue. I submitted a ticket, but no response yet sadly.
  13. @qveenissac thanks for the heads up that this seems to be more widespread. I did change my password around the same time - since it was working on the other devices, I hadn't imagined that could be a contributing factor as well. Fingers crossed we find a solution soon!
  14. Same issue here on 10.4.4 on Mac. I can see in the webversion that the tagging is working correctly, but the Mac application (and iOS app) seem to be showing this issue today. Stuff from yesterday appears to be tagged and filtering correctly.
  15. Hi all, I ran into an issue yesterday where I was no longer able to log-in to the Evernote app on my iPad. I have an older iPad (mini 2) which works great - it just doesn't support iOS 13, which means I have to run the older version of Evernote (8.24.6). My credentials are working fine on my iPhone app and the mac app and I have a plus account, which should mean that 3 devices are supported. I tried uninstalling the iPad app and re-installing it (having to re-download the older version from the app store as it pointed out my operating system does not support the most recent version). When I try logging in I can enter my username and password, but I get an error message that just reads "Error error sign-in" with no additional details. Does anyone know what might be going on? Thanks!
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