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  1. Evernote. Who is on crack. What is this nonsense? A coffee cup I cannot get rid of for a header (I am a paying subscriber, you get more money from me when you bring back the audio playback for desktop). What is going on? I know we're all struggling with mental health during lockdown, but who is responsible for this design nightmare? PLEASE REVERT. And bring back audio play back for Christs sake.
  2. A friendly Christmas Day reminder to bring back playback function for Mac. Can anyone offer any ideas to why even removed this? Seems bizarre I have to to go back to my phone to play back the exact same note a track was recorded within.
  3. Please can someone explain why this has been removed and why sound files can now only be opened via iTunes??? I use this on desktop and iPhone and need to access quick play and not import into another program. Why can I play sound files on iPhone but not on the desktop? Seems a bizarre update.
  4. PLEASE BRING BACK PLAYBACK OF AUDIO FILES. Christ on a bike, I just updated Mac desktop version and I have to add voice memos to iTunes to hear them???? I record a lot of music ideas and use it to collate ideas and notes/lyrics. This works perfectly still on the iPhone version, but seriously? Why have they removed basic playback for desktop?? Used this since 2011, plus member.
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