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  1. Back in October this was said to be a known bug, however we are now in December and this still hasn't been sorted. Can we have an update to this please as it seems the last few (Me) have now been upgraded and considering i use the majority of Evernote for Encrypted information its a major issue for me as a paying customer. } If this is not going to be sorted in the next few days then i am going to have no alternative but to move to another provider. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that this Evernote is used by most users for the encryption tools and the ease of use of them. You say in the first welcome screen once upgrade has been applied that the new version is less clicks and less key strokes. This whole encryption bit is costing me more clicks even to view the information. its also costing me a huge amount of time un-encrypting and re-encrypting which also has several bugs that destroy the formatting of the text which then makes it hard to read. Very poor -- Please give your users an update as to when this is going to be sorted or i fear you are going to lose a huge amount of your paying clients. Best Regards Andrew Scott
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