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  1. I totally agree, although from a different perspective. I like having the extreme left pane, with my name, the "new note" and the trash can, etc. Then I like the rest of the space to be occupied by the current note I am working on - i.e.; most of the screen. I do not need the "All Notes" pane. In its current configuration, it takes up too much space and reduces the amount of space to write in. I understand people may want it and may wish to hide the extreme left pane, etc. But at least give us the option! I spent months being told by my desktop version that there was no update. Finally decided to look online and check. Lo and behold, an update several numbers higher than my version. Once I installed it, it began trumpeting the new features - BUT no mention of removed features and reduced functionality. I appreciate that I have a free version, but I can't understand any upgrade that removes a useful feature and makes the potential workspace more cluttered. I have tried other software, but kept Evernote because I liked the interface and the way that I could organise and view my notes. Now, I feel that it is much less attractive, simply because my writing space is compressed. Yes, I can remove the extreme left hand pane, but I do not want all my notes visible in little boxes. This is not just about privacy when working near others, but about having a less cluttered work area - this does not just mean physical space, but not being distracted by notes which may have nothing to do with the current topic. Other software has better functionality for things like databases/calendars, list views and so on, but is not as easy or natural for writing with. If Evernote wants to keep its customers, including those who might upgrade, then they need to do something about this. Sadly, the fact that my software has told me for a year that there was no update, when there was, makes me think they won't bother. In which case, I have a notion that some of us will, regretfully, go elsewhere.
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