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  1. Ah, might this - https://evernote.com/blog/see-evernote-like-never-before-with-home/ - explain what to me was such an infuriating and perplexing removal of the hide-note-pane option that totally broke the way I used Evernote? I am still using the previous version of EN simply because of the loss of this option. If this new Home dashboard can be configured such that the only widget on it is a list of all selected notes (via search, tags etc - or all notes if no selection criteria are in place) then that essentially reverts to the legacy setup I am running at the moment so long as whenever I cl
  2. I'm running Evernote on Windows 10 Pro for Workstations. Whichever of the three options I select for "View/Dark Mode" ("Use System Setting", "Dark Mode" or "Light Mode") the sidebar at the left is always white text on what appears to be a jet black background. Is this really how it is supposed to work? I would have thought that setting it to light mode would not still have used a jet-black side bar.
  3. Sadly I have v10 installed and can't 100% remember what the option was called but I previously had Evernote on my Windows 10 PC set up so that the main window only had 2 panes, the sidebar and the middle pane where you can select to see the note cards and I had the option set to disable the rightmost pane that shows the content of the currently selected note. I think that option might have been something like "Show note contents (or preview?) pane" or something like that and it was probably under the "View" menu in the previous release but I can't find it anywhere now. If I wanted to see
  4. Your help page is a bit unclear and confusing about what is supported. I'm talking about the page here, in particular section 2... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209125827 At time of writing it says about the different clip types... Article - No mention of any specific browsers so assume this works in Edge Simplified Article - Explicitly lists various browsers. The list does not include Edge so assume this doesn't currently work in Edge? Full Page - No mention of any specific browsers so assume this works in Edge Bookmark - Explicitly lists various br
  5. Thanks. I was just curious really. When I first came to EN one of my big issues was some way to implement a proper multi-level hierarchy but I've come up with a new way of organising my data that works for me and removes my need for anything more than a single level tag space so I don't think that I'll even use the single level of stacking when it comes to Windows and iDevices. As jna said though, the fact that "foobar" can't appear under both "foo" and "bar" makes it ugly to implement a proper tag hierarchy even though it is technically possible. The user is left having to disambiguate any ta
  6. Is it possible for a notebook stack to have another stack within it, i.e. is this a single level folder hierarchy or a multi-level structure? - Julian
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