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  1. I really hope it does come back. Without it Evernote is like an unfinished product. Thank You For The Replies!
  2. Can No One Help Me? I don't know if what I'm talking about is anything to do with what people are calling the Outlook Clipper. But I don't use Outlook. What I'm talking about was a little Evernote Clipper function that allowed me to clip anything from the internet or my computer. It was a very quick way of clipping pictures and notes. I used it every single day. It was like the Web Clipper but a hundred times better. Because I could pick exactly where to put the clip. Using Evernote has suddenly become so much harder. And nowhere near as much fun. I'd honestly have thought that clipper function to be an integral part of Evernote. Now I'm stuck with the Windows snipping Tool which isn't as fast or easy. And good old copy and paste. Plus! Every time I turn on my laptop. To get this new Evernote to work... First I have to use the Eevrnote desktop Icon, before the other little Evernote icon will show up at the bottom of my computer screen. Then I have to click on that to Open Evernote.
  3. After installing the new version of Evernote yesterday. Mine was the same when I first turned on my laptop this morning. At first Evernote wouldn't open at all. Then I got a white box with just.. File Edit View Note etc. I managed to sign out of Evernote. Started it up again and signed in again. And then it worked. But will it still work in the morning? Or will I have to start all over again.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure how to explain this. But with the old version of Evernote there was always the little elephant head at the bottom right hand side of my computer. I could click it and select something like Clip To Evernote. I could then take snaps of things from the internet. For example, I used it to take pictures and information about the Christmas presents I bought. It was a very useful tool and made using Evernote very easy and pleasure to use. Now I'm not sure what I'll even use it for. The only thing I can think to do, is use The Windows Snipping Tool. But it's not as simple and quick. 🥺
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