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  1. You guys did it once again! I downloaded version (what ever came out most recently as of 05/13/2021), and now my Evernote won't even start in Windows 10. I have to open a browser and log into the website to see my notes. I too have been an Evernote evangelist for over a decade, and I am getting really tire of this *****! Why don't you guys go buy 20-30 machines, with various setups and test your product before you push your updates? It is now about every other update where you push an updated that does this....if you have two different teams then it means that one of your teams is pushing corrupt code! There has to be a logical explanation! Go back in time and look at what you had before you started seeing complaints about this specific issue. It is not hard to do, someone just has to give a *****, and take the time to do it... Get your smartest guys together and brainstorm why this is happening and fix it!!!! This is ridiculous! This kills my productivity during the day....
  2. You guys did it again. Installed updated 10.10.5 and now when I start EVERNOTE DESKTOP APP it won't display my notes. It is about every other update that is does this. Getting really tired of this...
  3. Hello, I am having a problem when I click on the icon to open the Evernote App in either my Start Menu or from the Desktop. The machine gives a sign that it is working on the request but then nothing happens. So basically I cannot start the program. I uninstalled the app and then re-installed it on my machine it worked then, but for only about 7 days. Now it is back to doing the same thing... The problem in intermittent, somedays it works fine. Somedays it will not work, even with a machine restart. Anyone have experience with this? I am running Evernote 10.3.7, and Windows 10 Thanks and talks soon! Craig
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