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  1. I upgraded to version 10.4.4. recently...it was unworkable, destroyed any ability to use the program. I felt all my work was locked in and unusable. I used to be able t send a support ticket, now i can't find a way to do it. I reverted to version 6 and this works fine, but I am now concerned that Evernote is not taking care of premium users and I am also concerned that for some reason this has been done deliberately. Why is there no comment from Evernote about what they have done?
  2. I have been premium user for years now and have only ever had a good experience with Evernote, but since I upgraded to 10.4.4 the program is all but unusable. It is so slow to open any file that it is like all your files are inaccessable, and I can't find anywhere to be able to send a support ticket.
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