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  1. I am on a gaming PC, I can play any video game at 1080p with high graphic specs at 60fps. I can calso run Photshop at the same time, and even have a few google tabs opened on some video streaming, all at once. But Evernote is slow as $#!+. When creating a new note with ctr-alt-N, just for the blank page to appear takes ages. Everything that loads takes forever. For a long time I've never been able to use anything else than the legacy version. How a note taking app can be so slow is beyond me. Someone somewhere has to be doing something really wrong.
  2. 1/3 times everything is fine. 1/3 times the notebooks just won't load what's mine. 1/3 times the green loading circle keeps popping up, like it just wants to shine. So, if that wasn't clear : sometimes when I open EN, the left part of the app is there, but whenever I select a notebook, it's like it's empty, and there is nothing even loading. Then sometimes the notebook loads, so the list of the notes shows, but when I select a note the text appears, and then the loading circle keeps appearing every second for half a second eventhought the note is perfectly loaded. Am I the only one ? (I'd love to use something else then the Legacy version, but there always, and I mean always a problem that makes the updated version quite unusable to me)
  3. I have a double display, one monitor right in front of me, and one at an angle, slightly on the left. My Evernote app is always opened on my left screen. When I create a new note, I like it to be in front of me, but it does not seem to be possible to create a note in a new, seperate window. For that to happen, I have to create the note, give it a name, then go find it in its location, and then double-click it and it opens in a new window, and then start writting. Am I missing something ? P.S.: I swear everytime I try the updated version of EN, within minutes I find a reason to go back to the Legacy version!
  4. Yeah, I agree. I have never had any problems finding anything in EN, and I've never used tags. The efficiency of the search fonction is such that I have never even considered the use of tags. I still like to see tree-categories, the visual aspect of it is nice. I don't blame EN on what it has, it is all super good. But since they have a place on the forums to suggest things I thought I just might use it, and it was a good idea cause now I've learned from DTLow that tags can be used as a "parent-child hierarchy", which actually does adresse the issue !
  5. If I missed something about how to use tags please do elighten me Is there a way to use tags a visual parent-child hierarchy ? What do you mean exactly by parent-child ?
  6. Not so old fashioned, more like the layers of notes, note books and stacks on the left are a good visual. A visual interface like a good old "folder trees and linear hierarchy" acts like a mind map. It optimises memory and helps looking through your things. If you don't know about mind maps, you can google it, they are a very nice tool that many people love to use in order to organise their thoughts. (And you don't have to say that Evernote is not a mindmap and that I can go and get a mind map app if that is what I want.) That is a good informative and constructive comment. Thank you for suggesting a use of tags that I might have overlooked. I know how to use tags but that's a good intervention nontheless, unlike the unquoted part of your reply. Although tags are ineed a very very good tool and fonction to add to Evernote I admit !
  7. What is Evernote ? Is it just a pen and a paper, for you to take notes and scrap them and throw them into the trash ? Is it an old desk with two drawers and a few folders ? Or is it a productivity enhancer that helps you process your thoughts, tasks and ideas into the world through well organised note taking in the year 2021 ? I think it is obviously more like the latter, and as such, resembles an ergonomic cutting edge desk with multiple drawers and sheets and canvas and colors, for you to be well organised. It is fabulous, I love it. But since the first minutes that I've spent on this application (which actually changed my life for the better, thank you Evernote) I have asked myself one question, and now it is time to ask this question to the Evernote team : Why are we limited to only 2 levels of organisation ? Stacks and notebooks ? That's it ? I mean, I would understand if it was a physical desk; you can't put drawers inside drawers inside drawers inside drawers for optimal categorisation and organisation on a physical desk. But Evernote is virtual and this limitation is non existant, so why limit ourselves like that ? Is it a well thought decision ? Is it just that someone out there at some point just thought that two would be enough ? Is it a choice to stay simple for some reason ? Well, I would ask that this subject be duly considered, again. Do you know how many branches and levels of organisation my neural network has ? The answer is A LOT MORE than two ! If the tool does not match the nature of the user, then a better tool must be made. As an application to organise my thoughts and projects and tasks, evernote has become a representation of my mind, and it facilitates organising my whole mind. Evernote is litterally an interface for the mind, and it is inherently built to be that. And I love it. But multi level organisation of notes is so important a feature that I thought about it years ago, when I first tried evernote, but no other options were there that could replace it. But today, if the application "Notion" hadn't failed to import my notes from evernotes, I wouldn't be a user of Evernotes anymore. The ONLY reason for this : Notion has infinite layers of notes. Its is the ONLY reason, but it is very important, because as a platform that has become a way to represent our minds, and as a platform that aims to help in organision of informations, it needs to adress the complxity of our minds, of our inner world, of our infinite chambers of inspirations and creations. I know I am only one user so I am not trying to get leverage or anything, but I'm just stating the reality, and I'm also wondering if I'm the only one, but... Whichever comes first is gonna get my money in the future (Although Notion is free) Either Evernotes comes up with a much deeper multi layered notes categorisation Or Notion acheives a working import fonction to transfer my years of note taking from evernote to their awesome and free app. I'm just saying. Other wise... what's up ? Is it even considered ?
  8. Hi there. I will go straight to the point. I want to put a shortcut to my evernote app, the .exe, on my taskbar for convenience (windows 10). At first I was looking in C/Programfiles x86... but no evernote folder exists there. A quick search help me find the evernote folder in /user... but there is no .exe in there. So first, why is there no custom installation feature ? Second, why is it impossible to find the .exe ? P.s.: In the past I had to resort to the legacy verion of evernote because of a very weird choice to force spellchecking. Now that it is fixed, I wish I wouldn't have to go back to legacy just acces my .exe... it would be a shame. Just wanna say that because of this very small and weird issue, I learned about Notion today... I love Ervernote, but the small weird and inconvenient choices of the app makes me want to try Notion. The only thing that prevents me from even trying it is that there is no offline mode.
  9. Yes, please do this. A zoom fonction is useless to me if I have to zoom every time. This is not a painting app where you need to temporarly zoom for details, the zoom is usefull to have a confortable display. Give us a default a default zoom for note please !
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