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  1. Please create a default zoom level. It's super annoying that the zoom does not stick. If you set it and click into another notebook you come back the note is back to the default zoom. I have to zoom in EVERY SINGLE TIME i go into a notebook. AT THE VERY LEAST please remember the zoom for that specific notebook. I have a 4k and 5k monitor and its impossible for me to read the default size text.
  2. Looks like it is fixed now. The installation is hokey as it reset my view configuration with the notebooks and notes. Also my installation crashed and had to restart evernote a few times. not sure if this is because its a beta version. Thanks for handling this so quick.
  3. Is anyone having an issue recently? With the updates that have happened in the past few weeks the copy and paste function is not working properly. Specifically with characters such as " ' - When I copy from evernote and try to paste into word or outlook all the single quotes, double quotes, dashes, trademark, and spaces get all screwed up and show euro signs and other weird symbols. Please help! So annoying having to replace them.
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