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  1. The only reason I use Evernote is so I can have synced content on my Android phone and windows computer. New Evernote? Really really really hate it. So, I see I can switch back to Legacy on my computer. But, what about Android? Apparently I have to live with this crappy version there? Why would I want to endure having to work with this horrible app on my phone? Is it possible to switch back to Legacy on my phone? I really hate the idea of having to migrate. But, honestly, if I were a new user considering Evernote, I'd see this Android version and move on to a different solution. Can we PLEASE have a legacy version for Android / IOS.
  2. When I close a program, I want it to close. I don't want it to simply minimize to the system tray, or send another feature I never use to the system tray (such as the scratch pad). For that matter, I respect software developers who provide control of their product's behavior to the end user. The lack of significant control of any preferences in Evernote is quite irritating. I want control of the items that run in the background on my machine. If you have a fix, I'll be incredibly grateful. If you don't, I'll just uninstall and move to a different product that respects their users enough to allow them to make their own choices. Thanks very much.
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