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  1. You are limited to 25MB per note for the free account and 60 MB total upload allowance per month. You can upload your monthly limit by upgrading to a premium subscription for $5 per month or $45 per year. You have unlimited amounts of space for notebooks that are local (that means they're not uploaded to the cloud). I've heard that people will reach their monthly limits and then hold off until the next month to sync it to the cloud. I have a premium account and haven't been able to reach my limit yet. And I like to collect patterns and scan in my children's artworks and school info. I also keep mostly high quality PDFs of the finished projects I create for my job as a graphic designer. Glad to have you here. Have you heard about our Evernote Knit-Along? You can learn more about it here: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/09/24/announcing-the-first-evernote-knit-along/
  2. I don't use the GTD system... what is the Secret Weapon setup?
  3. I do not sew, but those sound like some great organization ideas! Do you include photos of your finished objects? Since I don't sew or use sewing pattern information, I'm curious what the web clipper doesn't bring in to Evernote for you? Though to be honest, while I love Evernote I have found that other apps just work better for some things.
  4. Somehow I missed this post! I have also been thinking I would like to learn to crochet and just don't have the time to take any classes right now. While I learned to knit from a class many years ago, my knitting has improved by leaps and bounds by using Ravelry and YouTube (with Ravelry usually linking to great YouTube videos or posts mentioning techniques that I search for on YouTube). YouTube is like a rabbit hole! Once you find one technique, the list of other "similar videos" on the side provides more and more amazing things! Let me know if you find any videos that you find especially helpful. I'll do the same!
  5. Is a Cricut a cutting machine or a printer? My only experience with a Cricut is with my tiny paper cutter...
  6. Ooo! Those are wonderful! Thank you so much. I usually forget about tags because I don't use them (I prefer stacks and not naming conventions), but this sounds like the perfect way to use them.
  7. Okay, I'm finally at the end of my Master's program and can get back to knitting and organizing my life. I just realized I have a ton of yarn. Most of it left over from projects or parts of never-completed projects inherited from my mom. Any thoughts on the best way to start organizing? I hate buying new yarn for projects when I already have a ton of really nice yarn, but I never remember what I have available. Some of it still has labels, but not all (which means weight, type and quantity are up in the air!). I like to add this to Evernote but I'm not sure what the best way will be. Anyone manage their stash in Evernote have tips to share?
  8. I obviously use Evernote for my knitting. While I like to use Ravelry, I mostly use it for the forums and pattern searching. I have spent a lot of time organizing Evernote exactly how I want to keep my knitting. I don't inventory my yarn and I don't create patterns, so I dont use Ravelry for that. I do put my current projects in Ravelry because I like sharing my projects with other people and I like how easy it is to store yarn information. I do put finished pictures of patterns in both Ravelry and in Evernote. I also have a way that I like to organize my needles that is different from how Rav organizes them. Not better, just different. I tried Dropbox, but honestly, with Evernote and Ravelry, I couldn't find a way to fit it into my system. As far as organizing, I don't like tags, but I love organizing things by title and in stacks. My current system (which has evolved since the Evernote blog post) has a knitting folder containing four stacks: Knitting General Knitting Ideas Knitting Patterns Knitting Techniques Notes in each stack are "clumped" together by title (Bag: PatternTitle, Scarf: PatternTitle, Toy: PatternTitle). Then I have a note in my Pattern folder with a note link to each pattern I am currently working on (I view by name and it's titled, "!--Current Projects" so it's right at the top). Then I don't have to search through each pattern to remember what my current project is currently named. I love note links! I have them all over the place. Your system sounds like it's exactly what you need and that you could probably stop using Dropbox. I used Evernote well before I knew about Ravelry, so you could reduce to one program if you wanted, but I think each serves it's own purpose. One thing that pushes Evernote out a little in my mind is that if the server is ever down or the company disappears, I still have everything sync'd with a local computer and my information won't be lost.
  9. I have a "Gifts" notebook. It is a shared notebook with my husband and I clip things I find online during the year or lists of things that have been requested by our kids (when I sent out their Christmas list to family, I emailed a copy to myself). I name each note with the person it's for and what the gift is. I have also started to keep a list of things (knitting supplies, DVDs) that I would like so my husband knows what I "need". He also created a note of things he'd like and shared it with me because he is, without a doubt, the single most difficult person in the world for which to buy a gift.
  10. Those are some great ideas! I love the Girl Scout idea... I wonder if I could get my daughters' troop interested in it. Aside with scanning in school and special "stuff", I keep health information for my kids in EN. I have a folder I share with mu husband called "Kids" with a stack for each kid and one main stack for general stuff. The biggest help has been Note links. I have one main note with each kid's name. Under their name is a list of any medicine, allergies, dates of last physical and note links to a scan of their immunization records and eyeglass prescriptions. This has been such a help. I never remembered all of those things you need for the school forms every year (immunization dates, physicals, etc.). By sharing these notes with my husband, he always has that info at hand, too.
  11. Tonight we were decorating our Christmas tree. One of my favorite parts of this is the, "Oh, I remember when..." for the ornaments. This is only the second Christmas since my mom died and this was her favorite holiday. Because of this, my kids (15, 11 and 11) are acutely aware of how special these things are. My mom had so many things that were so important for her but she never shared the stories with my brother and me. Now that she's gone, those stories are gone too. This is especially hard for items that I might have made when I was younger. I have those ornaments, but I don't know when they were made or any kind of detail. So as we were putting things away, it dawned on me how easy it would be to use Evernote to track those stories, especially on the homemade ornaments from my kids (even just a date and creator). During Christmas and as we put Christmas ornaments away, I think I will start taking pictures and making notes of ornaments. Especially which ornament belongs to which child. This is something I already do with my knitting (picture of the object, date I knit it, who it was for). Okay, maybe this isn't totally crafty, but what important non-business, non-paperwork, family things do you like to keep (or have plans to keep) in Evernote?
  12. Hopefully someone who knows for sure will see this, but I wonder if that is a link to the old forums which are going away so it just brings you to the default location.
  13. Yes, I forgot to mention I use structured note titles as well (Except the needles file which is called "!--Knitting Needles" to keep it at the top of my list). This is especially useful for patterns. Pattern creators don't always give patterns useful names. I am currently knitting fingerless gloves called "Porphyria." I have no hope of ever remembering that name when I search up the pattern, so the note is named, "Fingerless Gloves, Porphyria." Same with scarves, hats blankets, toys...
  14. I keep a list of my knitting needles (size, length and quantity). I make sure to sync up the EN and desktop apps often (especially before heading to the craft store!). I don't keep my yarn organized only because I don't buy a lot of extra yarn (and usually only buy it when I have a project in mind). I have set up a knitting folder and recently divided everything into stacks for General Knitting, Ideas, Knitting Techniques and Patterns (I love me some organized folders!). I have to be careful of the number of stacks I use. Too many and it's a pain to keep things organized. Too few and I spend too much time scrolling (because I don't always remember what patterns are called). It does take a little work up front (sorting the items, creating notes) but I've been really happy when I head to the craft store!
  15. I loved your blog post. And your pottery is beautiful. I hope you will continue to share with us ways that you figure out to use Evernote for your pottery.
  16. A scarf pattern in my list is one called Clapotis. It looks fancy, but it appears all it is is knitting and then dropping stitches following a pattern.
  17. The Evernote for Craft discussion continues. Read how Cheryl Hardy uses Evernote for Pottery. I always love getting ideas from other users!
  18. I wonder if this might not be a better topic fit with the Organization Lifestyle Forum?
  19. That is brilliant and so simple... I can't believe I never thought about that! I've always shied away from including the user's manuals with new purchases because I the thought of sitting down and scanning that all in was not a good one (I don't have a document scanner, just a flatbed scanner).
  20. I tried NaNoWriMo last year (and failed because of poor planning). But I still have my book folder in EN with characters, plot, etc. I should move the writing there as well. It was pretty terrible and i was quite proud of what I had so far!
  21. Thanks, spg SCOTT (and everyone else!). I'll have to look into this closer for my own blog posting.
  22. Why do you find writing your posts in Evernote easier than writing them directly in WordPress?
  23. I'm always trying to find ways to make my Evernote organization better. I have about a dozen main notebooks and a lot of stacks. I've also taken to naming conventions to keep things organized (i.e. "Patterns," "Techniques" and "General") but I'm not loving that format (things are still tricky to find!) and I think there has to be better ways. What are ways you have found to keep track of your life—especially your crafty life—in Evernote? How do you use tags, notebooks, stacks, titles and/or body copy to find easily keep and find what you need at your fingertips?
  24. I'm curious... one of my biggest challenges has been figuring out how to fit tagging into my crafty projects/notebooks (How do I keep from having a million different tags?). Do you also use tags or simply rely on the note copy for finding things?
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