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  1. Microsoft OneNote. I'm back to OneNote (on Mac) and it's not as bad as it used to be, much more stable than it was in 2017. Certainly not as bad as Evernote 10. I've been a non-paying / deadbeat user for more than 10 years, not ashamed of that, but given EN's behavior they seem to be firing their old user base and searching for a new one. As a free tier user I don't feel confident that Evernote will keep my data safe and available for the long haul so I had to switch.
  2. Can you please make good on the threat of me never ever (ever) having the opportunity to get 40% off ever ever again because seeing this ad pop up near daily got old a while ago. Thanks!
  3. Just got hit by this little surprise myself, accessed notes via web and got the message to upgrade, said no thanks and closed browser, didn't actually access any notes in the web. This morning, open my desktop and it said I needed to de-sync a device before I could access any notes. Desynced the unused web client and continued. Oh and you can only de-sync 4 times a month. If I were (extremely) forgetful I could lock one of the devices I actually use out of my notes. Yikes. Things must be getting tough up in Redwood City.
  4. Big Trev, thank you for that pointer, so far so good with Evernote Legacy. I created this account just to complain that the new Evernote is slow slow slow. So slow it gets in the way of my work. I'm not even that fussed about all the featuritis, useless distractions and so on except it's likely these are contributing to the slowdown. I hope the situation improves before legacy inevitably stops working and I have to go back to this.... "thing" they are calling Evernote.
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