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  1. Thank you for your help. I just received an email saying that my account has been reactivated by Evernote support. Looking at the activity logs it doesn't look like anyone has accessed my account. Support said it was deactivated for security reasons. I've now changed the email to my actual email. Again thank you for you help 😊
  2. Yeah, but I think the "hacker" changed the email, since the email is no longer connected to an account it says. Maybe the account was just closed by Evernote for breaking their terms by using a temporary email, could be. Thanks, I made a support ticket, but I also understand if they're not really able/willing to help given my dumb act. Thanks again for your help, hope I'm able to get my notes back, if not then touché 🙂
  3. Today when I opened my Evernote app, it said that authentication failed. I tried to log in on the web page, but it said my account had been deactivated. I tried to reactivate it, but when it asks for an email, it says that no account information is linked to that email. I made the dumb mistake of using a temporary (mailinator) email and never thought about changing it. I guess someone got my details and deactivated my account, or maybe Evernote did because of the mailinator email. Is there any way to restore my notes?
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