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  1. Well, Oleg at Evernote support ended up having to reactivate my account for me, but as a result, I can log in now, thankfully. Thanks to the folks on here who helped. Much appreciated! Good luck to anyone still unable to access their account.
  2. Yes, it's from Evernote support. I have replied to it but will also try contacting Shane D, as you suggested, just in case.
  3. I have also received an email saying the same thing (deactivated for security reasons, now reactivated, etc.) But when trying to log in, nothing has changed. It still says "account deactivated" on the log in page, with no link to reactivate it. So annoying. Am about to reply to the email I received, to see if anything can be done about this.
  4. Hi Gazumped. Thanks for the reply. I clicked on the link you provided but it wouldn't let me continue as a guest. It just kept bringing me back to the log in page whenever I clicked on continue as guest. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I ended up having to log in to submit a ticket. In my help request, I explained that I was having to use my new email address for this but that it is my original account (with my original email address) that is the one I can't log in to. I hope they understood what I was trying to explain. Anyway, my ticket number is 3213627. If it could be flagged for the admins to look at, that would be great. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi. Trying to log in, I get a message that my account has been deactivated. No reason is given, I haven't done anything wrong as far as I know, and I certainly didn't request an account deactivation. There is no link to reactivate, so I can't click or tap on that. I can't contact support as I'm not a premium customer, and I have had to use a different email address just to sign back up, so that I could post this issue on here. Of course, I need to get my old account reactivated so that I can access my many notes; just using the account with my new email address is not a solution to the problem. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to find a solution? Thanks to anyone who can help!
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