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  1. Is there a way to enable this behavior by default? Right now, if I select a parent tag, it will only display notes with the parent tag as well as all sub tags. I can click the options for the tag and select "filter without subtags" but would rather not have to do that every time. I know you used to be able to change this in the preferences menu, but seeing as there's no preferences anymore I'm not sure what to do. Failing a solution to this, does anyone have any tips to manage large groups of tags without the use of parent tags? Thanks.
  2. I redownloaded evernote after not using it for several months. I've overall been very disappointed with it, and I updated today to find the preferences menu gone! Did a quick google search and found this thread, turns out this issue has been there for months with no response? I've been using notion for a while now, and while it takes a while to set everything up, at least it all works and the devs respond when there's issues. I was hoping to use evernote because of its tagging system, but looks like that won't be an option.
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