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  1. Tabs are a MUST! I think it's a very common thing to be working in multiple notes at once, and it's sloppy sloppy sloppy to do it with a whole bunch of windows open. I love the updated app, but taking out tabs was a huge mistake. For me it completely invalidates the value of the update because my overall functionality is badly impaired. Super sad to have to revert to the legacy version when you all worked so hard on this update!
  2. EVERNOTE, I freaking LOVE this app. But tabs are a MUST. How are we supposed to work in multiple notes without them? Opening a whole bunch of windows is so messy and difficult to navigate. I saw on another thread that the CEO said tabs are an underutilized feature, but that can't be true because working multiple notes simultaneously is a very COMON way to use Evernote. Please bring them back!
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