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Notes Created in Windows - Available to read on ipad

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I am a Windows 10 and Android user and have never used Apple products.  I do almost all of my Evernote work in Windows and occasionally read a note in Android.  I am thinking of buying an Apple iPad mini.  Would I be able to use Evernote on the ipad to access and read notes that were created in Evernote Windows version?  Is there a $$ charge to get that compatibility?  If it matters, I am an Evernote Personal user.

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No issue, with a subscription you can connect as many devices as you wish.

Just download the iOS client from the AppStore, open it and log in. It will connect to your account and draw an initial load from the server.

You can choose per note or notebook to have a full download for offline use.

The iOS client is pretty similar to the Android client, but less bugs and more stable. Notes will sync across all devices using the EN server.

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