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  1. I am actually on that public 5.9.6 GA. As I am in the beta program, do I miss a beta update?
  2. Thx everybody, i just found out that i could put many levels of tags under one tag, well more than 1. I didn't see it before :/ I am gonna use this, but more and more, i am thinking about setting up my stuff with Windows old folders, via Dropbox, of course
  3. Hi, i have a problem i can not find a solution. In the organization of my knowledges (and only knowledges, no stuff like "to do"), i need a way of sorting my stuff with lots of levels, i mean knowledge A 1. a.first second b. c. 2.knowledge B ETC. Notebooks NOR tags allow me to set up my stuff with lots of levels as i need : both only accept 2 levels, but i need something deeper. Hope i'am understandable :-) Any ideas/tips how i could build something like that? any help appreciated. Jérôme.
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