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  1. I am actually on that public 5.9.6 GA. As I am in the beta program, do I miss a beta update?
  2. Thank you Gazumped. You may be right, he's not finding the page by the bolded bits, but made me ask if it was possible : bolded or other specific formatted text research. Doesn't make it sense to search for only highlighted parts of your notes? It may be a technical limit, but i would love to be able to do it.
  3. Or italic, or striked, or underlined, or specified text colored. Hi everybody, i am looking for those kind of researches inside notes. It looks like the author might be using it in the article https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/12/11/evernote-and-the-brain-designing-creativity-workflows/ saying that he reviewed only the bolded notes. Is that kind of filtering possible?
  4. Thx everybody, i just found out that i could put many levels of tags under one tag, well more than 1. I didn't see it before :/ I am gonna use this, but more and more, i am thinking about setting up my stuff with Windows old folders, via Dropbox, of course
  5. Hi, i have a problem i can not find a solution. In the organization of my knowledges (and only knowledges, no stuff like "to do"), i need a way of sorting my stuff with lots of levels, i mean knowledge A 1. a.first second b. c. 2.knowledge B ETC. Notebooks NOR tags allow me to set up my stuff with lots of levels as i need : both only accept 2 levels, but i need something deeper. Hope i'am understandable :-) Any ideas/tips how i could build something like that? any help appreciated. Jérôme.
  6. Less is more, just a few push-ups and sit-ups, but everyday, is a very good practise! Furthermore, you keep being motivated to do it, whereas 30 or 50 are just difficult to do. Walking is good too, and one day, running. What about tracking it in EN with more than a tag : a notebook, to have it every days before your eyes? interesting topic.
  7. My 2 so much needed features : 1. A better search box display, with history (recent searchs), tags and so on just like web and android devices. Recent searchs are sooo useful to me. 2. Saved searchs : oh god i love them, and have many ones. I would like them to be at the top (tool bar), and not at the bottom cheers.
  8. But what about the notes that are > 25m, which is the limitation of one note for free users (whereas premium users limitation is 50m), do those notes dissapear? Thx
  9. Great tip, but... it's a hack! and if you advise someone with a hack solution, that means that there is some need that can not find a (good) solution. what I mean is that one need a kind of solution to make some notes particulary visible, in what ever way. Tags are at the bottom left, saved searchs too, and notebooks... well are notebooks. I dont know exactly what, but i miss that feature!! :-) greets.
  10. hi, One of the OP's problem is that the size of one note can not be > 50mb. I am curious to understand what is the reason of the size limitation of one note? Thx. (edit : typo)
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