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  1. Evernote, do your executives use the bullet point functionality? >> Mine are broken on Mac app and on iOS app. When is the projected fix? >>
  2. Maybe we should use this thread to tell Evernote the great things we would do with table functionality...to inspire them! I would really like to user evernote to CAPTURE PRODUCT IDEAS whenever they occur to me. For me, an idea has a few important facets that need to be captured in fields: - name - description - category - whether this is something I really have experience with (#1 rule of inventing) - 1st customer for it - and a few more things... Obviously, new product ideas is a job for a table...at least for me. If I can't edit cells on my device in a table or add new rows, Evernote is not going to be the place where I keep my new product ideas. Google sheets with a form is clunky. I would much rather use a clean working evernote table. Some of us have been chained to excel for extended periods during our careers and are forever altered by the experience. I think there are quite a few of us.
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