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  1. v10 is just terrible.... so bad that I'm going to explore other fast/simple note taking programs. BASIC things like double click to open it from the tray? Gone No longer starts with Win10 automatically? Gone. The basic option to go tools-preferences->options? Gone. I hope whoever is in charge at evernote is reading this... because the best thing you could do right now is an immediate rollback. I see people are reverting and installing old versions... yeah, why should I have to waste my time chasing down older/better software and finding the "right" version to
  2. Came here to see if there were some basic fixes to the disaster that is v10. New version doesn't start automatically in Win10 -- no big deal right? Too bad they took out the tools->preferences-> option box to change basic settings. Can't adjust the behavior on double clicking the tray icon to open the program, I have to right click and go open. (slower) Whoever green lit this release needs to be dropped a few pegs in the organization. I'd be way wayyyyy more PO'd if I was paying for it as well.
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