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  1. I don’t doubt this is the highest possibilities. 2FA would have stopped it. The cost Is negligible to Evernote. I just wonder why didn’t get the alert email during the other logins though it was obviously done on a new device? The cost to the email would have been negligible as well.
  2. My issue is different. My account was hacked over two months ago and accessed from Russia, N Korea, Venezuela, Vietnam amongst other countries and only two after two months that I was contacted by email by Evernote to ask if I really logged from Venzuela. When I logged in after a password reset, I was shocked that I was never alerted on over two months of unauthorized access. Evernote requires you pay to have two factor authentication or to see a list of devices that logged onto your account. I have a support ticket open and intend to close my account after I hear their explanation. It is a ma
  3. Hello, This is my first post. I have decided to post to bring attention to the user community. I had opened my account ten years ago. Evernote was a stellar note taking app at the time, when there were almost none on the market. Over the years I have met my years on my mobile phone Notes app. I received an email this morning that my account was accessed in some outlandish country. I have not used the app, which I have uninstalled for lack of use, nor logged into my account from the web. So this was a shocker to me. I was further shocked to find out that my account was being
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