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  1. I'm still on EN v5.9.1 for lack of dark backgrounds so I didn't know about this v10 fiasco until today. The facts are that I need my notes on all of my devices, and I HATE HATE HATE the web interface. Also, $100/year is just too much to pay, but I am willing to pay $50/year max. So my hunt is on. My use-case: Pretty typical. Webclips and simple note taking with some scanned documents -- maybe 4000 notes. I use it on every device. I do find myself using Notepad++ more often because of its tab-sessions and its ability to open so many file formats. I also LOVE its syntax highlighting. So, Evernote for saving and syncing stuff; Notepad++ for scrap notes and experimenting with scripts. I use Ditto for snippets and memory jogging. I am considering Zoho Notebook. It's free. Why isn't anybody talking about it? I've searched the forum. The only problem I've come across is the lack of a clean list view. I'm willing to see if I can get over it if it's as good as it seems. I'm also considering Nimbus, but you guys say it's slow with 1000's of notes. Third, I'm considering Clipto-pro Desktop -- a cross between a clipboard synchronizer and a note taker ON STEROIDS. Drawback: I haven't figured out how to paste webclips and images into it quickly. It seems to only accept the text and url's (which it shows preview snippets of.) I can only import images via file browser??? I've posted this question to the developer so we shall see what's up. This could replace Ditto and Evernote potentially. It's very new though, with a lot of promise. I'm going to give all 3 a whirl with a big chunk of notes to weigh them down. I'll come back and check on things here.
  2. Thank you! Dear God, Thank you! I have tried messing with this for YEARS, and I've tried every possible solution, but nothing worked. Why won't the developers help us out with this if it's so simple???? Note: I am using Evrenote portable (v5.9.1.8742). I simply made sure the script was pointing to the path of my Evernote.exe and not EvernotePortable.exe. I also made sure the right drive was selected in the script instead of "C:". Now my notes are changed on ALL computers! Note: I also needed to make sure SwissArmyKnife was renamed to sfk.exe and placed in the path matching the script (C:\sysutil\sfk.exe). (Alternately you can change the script path to simply "sfk.exe" with no path, and then copy sfk.exe into the same folder as Evernote.exe. You're my hero!!!!
  3. These links are invalid now! Also the templates I created from the first link don't work in Evernote note anymore! I just get some kind of Snippet view. With no way to change my note background this really sucks! Please give us some options, Evernote!!! Our eyes hurt!
  4. Thank you!!! xoxoxox! I've been looking forever for some simple background-colored templates I can use in Evernote. My eyeballs love you now.
  5. It's gotten even worse! Evernote desktop is now 100% white. It looks terrible. (I'm also biased against metro styled interfaces but that's another topic.) I really love the recent improvements and can see you've been working hard. Unfortunately I can only use Evernote for pasting notes. I have to use notepad to write anything because I'm at the computer for 18 hours a day. It would be so much more productive to use evernote for ALL notes. PLEASE, developers, fix this for your poor, bleary-eyed users. We've been begging for years! In the meantime here is a workaround for Evernote in your web browser. It is a Stylish script so you'll need to get the Stylish extension (Chrome or Firefox,) click the option to "write a new style," then copy this script below into it and preview/save. You should see the changes immediately but refesh the page to be sure. @-moz-document url-prefix("https://www.evernote.com") {body > div > div{ top: -32px !important;}/* make visible and some adjustments to user button */ #header-wrapper .Menu { margin-top: 40px; background-color: #339B61; border-radius: 3px;}Body {background-color: #C0DCC0 !important;}.Menu-activator { margin-left: 0px;} .Menu-activator:hover { border-radius:3px; background-color: rgb(29,173,22) !important;}/* some adjustments to user menu */#header-wrapper .Menu_userNav-popover { top: 72px; height: 170px;}/* disable ads in user menu */.MenuBanner_goPremium { display: none;}/* disable divider */.Banner-divider{ display: none !important; }.noteSnippetTitle {background-color: #DDDDDD !important;}.noteSnippet {background-color: #C0DCC0 !important; }body.ennote div, body#tinymce div { font-family: arial !important; background-color:#C0DCC0; }/*.Menu-activator:hover { border-radius: 3px;}*/} Change the colors to your liking using http://www.colorpicker.com/ if you like. Change the values above that look similar this #DDDDDD. You can also do the same for each individual note at http://enml-editor.ping13.net/. Here is a tutorial. http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-change-evernote-background-color-or-image/. I might try to make a template out of it and use that. Not sure if it will work.
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