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  1. It had been at least a week or two. A couple days ago, before I tried to act on your suggestion, Evernote prompted me to download an updated version. I accepted their suggestion, and lo and behold, the updated version worked right out of the gate. I don't have the exact version number, but it was 10.2.something. Just tried to get the details from Help->About, but alas, this just opens a pop-up that says "About Evernote" at the top and is stark white throughout the rest of its territory. No details whatsoever. And in the process of trying to access that I discovered that the menus no longer have keyboard shortcuts. Alt-H doesn't do a blasted thing. To get to the Help menu with only the keyboard I have to press Alt to move the keyboard focus to the menus themselves, and then the left or right arrow keys to move the focus to the Help menu. Arrgghh. Thought: hmm, maybe keyboard shortcuts are a configurable option in Preferences. Action: Find Preferences in the menus -> Discovery: There's only *1* configurable Preference. Yowzers, this really wasn't ready for prime-time, or even a beta release. I downloaded the install for 6.25 the other day; time to go find it and install it.
  2. The new version is unusable on my Win10 laptop. It won't actually open any of my notes. I can see the snippet of them in the notebook sidebar, and when I click one it selects it in the sidebar, and shows the notebook and last-edit date in the note pane, but it won't load the note title or content. It doesn't recognize a click in the note pane so there's no way to edit the note. It's just a blank note pane. v 10.1.7 build 1902 public Editor: v109.0.14125 Service: v1.20.26 © 2019 - 2020 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
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