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  1. It had been at least a week or two. A couple days ago, before I tried to act on your suggestion, Evernote prompted me to download an updated version. I accepted their suggestion, and lo and behold, the updated version worked right out of the gate. I don't have the exact version number, but it was 10.2.something. Just tried to get the details from Help->About, but alas, this just opens a pop-up that says "About Evernote" at the top and is stark white throughout the rest of its territory. No details whatsoever. And in the process of trying to access that I discovered that the menus no longer
  2. The new version is unusable on my Win10 laptop. It won't actually open any of my notes. I can see the snippet of them in the notebook sidebar, and when I click one it selects it in the sidebar, and shows the notebook and last-edit date in the note pane, but it won't load the note title or content. It doesn't recognize a click in the note pane so there's no way to edit the note. It's just a blank note pane. v 10.1.7 build 1902 public Editor: v109.0.14125 Service: v1.20.26 © 2019 - 2020 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
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