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  1. It's not about lag while typing. It's about network lag when adding new records, updating old records, and from what I can tell, more or less anything that modifies the evernote database...all of those processes are hitting the cloud database in real time, in the foreground--instead of syncing in the background, as they did before, thus dramatically slowing down the responsiveness of the desktop app. Needless to say, not a fan. I understand that new versions of software are generally met with protest from users who need to re-learn and adapt to the new way of doing things. Experience
  2. As a life-long programmer, software architecht and former CEO of a Nasdaq traded technology company...it is crystal clear to me what's wrong with the latest release of Evernote. They're trying to "sync" the way the desktop and browser implementations of Evernote work from a procedural perspective, making both dependent on databases in the cloud--but the reality is, as of this year internet latency and bandwidth is still not enough for most people to make the "cloud-like" dependencies they're starting to use in the desktop version, responsive enough to be comfortable for desktop users. A l
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