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  1. I'm paying evernote for premium, not nervnote's developer.
  2. Last I try evernote thought wine, it was laggy to the point of being unusable... Nevernote 's not bad, but lacks some features. And it's evernote's job to provide some way to run evernote on linux. Nevernote existence don't excuse the laziness from evernote. At least test evernote against wine, and make sure to work even if it means patching wine or evernote. With ALL the features offered to windows user. Including handwritten notes ! The web client can't even create tables !
  3. That needs to change.... It's the one thing preventing me from going premium.
  4. It's been a while since I've been around. Has some progress been made with evernote and wine ? Still no Linux client planned ?
  5. Nervernote lacks the few features that make evernote nice. (Screen capture, ink notes....) It bring almost noting. Might as well use the web client. I though about virtual box, but bye bye os integration there right ? (Didn't had time to actually try, what's more I don't have a windows VM ready.) I might give a try to free evernote, but no way i'm going premium until I can have a fully featured evernote at home.
  6. This is definitively a shame. I heard about evernote. Tried it on work's windows PC. Hey cool! And my android phone, so far so good. Then i tried running it on linux, and oh the disaster ! :? Sorry to say it, but a lack of a native linux client, or at least a working windows one though wine, evernote is kind of useless to me... Ink notes where something I meant to use....
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