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  1. Thanks for this note history clarification. With regard to the data access, I understand that users can’t access it as a general rule but what of unauthorised 3rd parties (hackers, or anyone else who got their hands on the physical drive). One would hope it remains encrypted, but how and by whom?
  2. Hello DTLow, Thank you for your answer. If my data is no longer protected by my account login and password, what is protecting it from unauthorised access? Where does one find the Note History backup data? Thanks B.
  3. Hello, As I understand it, if you delete a note and sync, it is deleted almost everywhere within Evernote. The exception is on back up disk(s) that Evernote uses, and the note may exist here for anything up to a year. Presumably this note is still protected by your account password. My question is thus: let's say I delete a note today protected by my current account password but it still exists on a back up disk. If in three months time the note still exists on a disk somewhere, but I update my account password to something new, will that note now be protected by the new account password or the account password that was in effect at the time the note was backed up to the disk? I'm curious as to whether implementing a new stronger password can increase the security of all data, regardless of where it resides in the Evernote network. Many thanks for your help. B.
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