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  1. I have recently noticed that on my iPhone tags are back and I can tag items with existing tags and it does search the tags I already have. I cannot though add a new tag at this time if I do not have a suitable tag. However in the iPad the tags do not show up.?? The tags I have added to new items are showing up in Evernote ok
  2. Same here no tags showing and no point typing one in as not saved!
  3. Some thoughts on the iOS clipper feature in the new version. 1 - sharing a web page to evernote there is no option to add a tag anymore - which is a real time saver - (it was always a annoyance that you could not add new tags in the mac share element) - I know you can add new tags in evernote but why when you don't meed to open it 2 - Items clipped to evernote do not do anything - you have to pen the evernote app to import recent clipped items - why since the app knows they are there why not process them in the background as you used to do. It makes it too hard and I don't have time
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