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  1. Hello, sorry if I mention points that have already been mentioned. And excuse my English, I'm not a native speaker. I'm also speechless about this good-looking pile of junk Evernote presented us with version 10. I also installed the legacy version directly. The user interface may be a bit more fancy and slimmer than before, but I don't get much out of it, when for me basic functions of my (previous) favorite productivity machine are suddenly missing! I'm really very surprised how they can think that nobody would miss these features: 1. no more possibility to "pin" the favorite notes in the top bar for quick access - this disturbs my workflow enormously! 2. in the old version I recently made the effort to give the titles of my notebooks in the notebook list different colors, which made the whole thing much clearer. Now the colors simply disappeared! 3. personally, I found the separate field for the titles of the notes very handy - especially because now the formatting of the titles is also dictated. 4. no more adding notebooks via context menu. Why? 5. waste of space when displaying the notebook list by a field for changing the account, which is probably unnecessary for more than 90 percent of the users 6. no more own settings menu to make user-defined adjustments 7. apparently no more searching inside of notebooks? Only global search or search within notes? 8. it is claimed that the new version runs more smoothly, but the opposite is true for me: When I switch to another note, it often hangs! 9. without the Syncbutton I can't decide anymore when to synced! What is this?
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