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  1. Still amazed this was revoked. Such a simple yet important feature. Please bring it back.
  2. The recent update reintroduced a shortcut that replaced a shortcut I use for another application. And it doesn't appear I can override it. Where has this option gone, and why is Preferences basically empty now?
  3. This is a useful UX for finding features in the menus. For example, I know from experience that the shortcut for inserting a link is Cmd + K. But I can no longer find this in the menus (which is a separate issue). But if I didn't know this, it would be much easier to search "Link" than it would be to search the Help center in a browser.
  4. Where is the option to add a separator line? This is a basic but effective design element for organizing ideas.
  5. I just updated the app to find that the New Tab function is missing. Where is it? I hope this is still possible. There's no reason not to have this capability. Ditto for a shortcut to simplify formatting.
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