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  1. Just to join the discussion. As much as I like some visual elements of the updated Evernote, there are restrictions and a delay in many functions that simply weren't there on previous version. I hope they update the Editor soon otherwise people are getting frustrated enough to look elsewhere. This may be a good time for competitors to offer a decent migration tool.
  2. "stopped the username and password from being filled in automatically at the log in page." Typing username and password instead of autofilling it with my 1password app did the trick for me. No login issues any more. There is maybe a small bug somewhere in Android about that.
  3. This is also a problem in Greece. Can't login to Evernote on Android 10 device, tried delete/reinstall/downgrade and now opened a ticket. People at evernote this is a serious issue that's around since at least August and no definite solution or news from you?! Please act asap.
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